May 15, 2023

Alva Network v2.0.0

Subtitle Changelog of Alva Network v2.0.0

Alva Network (Alpha Version) v2.0.0

We're excited to introduce Alva Network v2.0.0 (Alpha Version)! Empower your networking experience with Alva Network v2.0.0 (Alpha Version), featuring a range of valuable tools and insights to streamline your online activities.

Key Features of Alva Network v2.0.0 (Alpha Version):

Internet Connection Badge: Stay informed about your current internet connection status with a badge that provides real-time updates, ensuring you are always aware of your connectivity.

Exact Location Display: Instantly view your precise location information for enhanced navigation and geo-specific tasks.

IPv4 Address Display: Access your IPv4 address at a glance, enabling you to identify and manage your network configuration efficiently.

Current Website Load Time (unstable): Monitor the load time of websites in real-time, despite occasional instability, to optimize your browsing experience.

Browser User Agent Modification: Customize and change the user agent of your browser to enhance privacy, security, and compatibility with various websites and services.

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