May 15, 2023

Snap AI v2.0.0

Snap AI Capture Screenshots.

Snap AI v2.0.0 (Alpha Version)

We're excited to introduce Snap AI v2.0.0 (Alpha Version)! This extension transforms your screen capturing and recording experience. With Snap AI, effortlessly capture screenshots, record your screen, and access a variety of other powerful features seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Key Features of Snap AI v2.0.0 (Alpha Version):

  • Snap Area: Define and capture a specific area of your screen with precision and ease.
  • Full Page (unstable): Capture the entire page, although the stability of this feature may vary.
  • Entire Screen & App Window: Effortlessly capture your entire screen or focus on specific application windows for comprehensive recordings.
  • Visible Part After Delay: Capture the visible part of your screen after a specified delay, giving you time to set up the perfect shot.

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